MKT 747: Global Digital Marketing Strategies

[Spring 2022]; Anjala S. Krishen; Credits: 3; Sect 001
Last Updated: February 7, 2023

Students will learn how the Internet has become a necessity in modern business, and discover how this medium can assist in marketing. The primary objective of the course is to focus on how the digital strategies can serve as an invaluable resource for the marketer. You will develop a strong foundation in marketing as it relates to the digital transformation. You will learn the marketing essentials for appropriate Digital marketing and will conduct a hands-on project incorporating all of the marketing ingredients for you to promote a product or service via e-marketing.

Taught by

Anjala S. Krishen


Canvas for Lectures and Journaling Entries

Term Exam (Individual): 30% of total
MIT Digital Marketing (DM) Journaling & Mini-Pres (Individual): 20% of total
Academic Paper
Presentations (Group): 20% of total
Digital Project, Final Paper, and Presentation (Group):
30% of total
Guaranteed Grades
: A- (> 90%); B- (> 80%); C- (> 70%)

Lecture Room

BEH 222

Lecture Time

7:00 PM- 9:45 PM (Thurs.)

Office Hours

Location: BEH 416
Time: 5:00-7:00PM Thurs. and by appointment

(Tentative and subject to change)


Subject/In-class work

MIT DM Journaling & Mini-Pres (see Canvas Assns);
Academic Paper Presentations (Group), and Digital Project, Final Paper and Pres Work (email);
F2F Class = F2F


Th 1/19

Introduction to Class Materials, Website, Project and Lectures/Papers style of class; Lecture 1: Marketing basics & internet/social implications

Syllabus and Class work; Explain MIT Journaling (see Canvas link above on the left); Group selection
F2F Class 1

Th 1/26

Read the MIT and complete the journaling Assn.

Self Advertisement Index Card;
MIT Journaling & Mini-Pres Assn 1: MIT Consumer Stories

Th 2/2

Lecture 2: History of digital marketing, Project assignment organization; MIT discussion

Group 1 presents Academic Paper: eWOM Dig Mkt
Group 2 presents Academic Paper: Dig Engage Food
MIT Journaling & Mini-Pres Assn 2:
MIT Engaging Videos
Digital marketing project initial project ideas (via email)
F2F Class 2

Th 2/9

Read the MIT and complete the journaling Assn.

MIT Journaling & Mini-Pres Assn 3: MIT Innovate Digitally

Th 2/16

Lecture 3: Internet value chain; Finish previous lectures and project work time; MIT discussion

Group 3 presents Academic Paper: Dig Content Journeys
Group 4 presents Academic Paper: Digital Marketing Communication
MIT Journaling & Mini-Pres Assn 4: MIT AI Data Mgmt
F2F Class 3

Th 2/23

Read the MIT and complete the journaling Assn.

Selecting and Exploring a Product/Firm or Service/Experience;
MIT Journaling & Mini-Pres Assn 5: MIT AI Product Growth


Th 3/2

Complete and turn in Business Profile online. Also turn in journaling Assn.

Consumer or Business Profile
MIT Journaling & Mini-Pres Assn 6: MIT Smart Connected Customers

Th 3/9

Read the MIT and complete the journaling Assn. Work on Group Project.

Consumer Decision-making process
MIT Journaling & Mini-Pres Assn 7: MIT Dig Transformation

Th 3/16


Th 3/23

Read the MIT and complete the journaling Assn. Work on Group Project.

MIT Journaling & Mini-Pres Assn 8:MIT Dig Superpowers
Group Online Asynchronous Meetings 7pm-9pm

Th 3/30

Lectures 4 and 5: Social media marketing introduction & Digital CRM; MIT discussion

Group 5 presents Academic Paper: Digital Product Innovation
Rough digital marketing, social media presence, and search engine explanation
F2F Class 4


Th 4/6

TERM EXAM (Digital Platform) 7:00pm-8:00pm

Th 4/13

Project/presentation work time

Work on literature review, digital strategy paper and digital presence..

Th 4/20

Project/presentation work time and scheduled webex meetings.

Literature Review
Work on group projects.

Th 4/27

Lecture 6: Digital marketing humanity; MIT discussion

Group 6 presents Academic Paper: B2B Journeys Dig Era
Rough Digital Presence and Draft Paper
F2F Class 5

Th 5/4

Final Presentations (displaying the digital presence) DAY 1 (F2F Class 6)

Th 5/11
8:10 - 10:10 pm

Final Presentations (displaying the digital presence) DAY 2 (F2F Class 7)