MKT/IB 425: Global Consumer Behavior Syllabus

[Summer III, 2019]; Anjala S. Krishen; Credits: 3; Section 1
Last Updated: August 8, 2019

Consumers play a fundamental roll in marketing. Understanding consumer behavior, including perceptions, cognitive process, decision making, and social interactions, is a necessary component in effective marketing strategy. By the end of the course, you should have a basic understanding of theories of human psychology and behavior, be able to apply this knowledge in developing effective marketing strategies and public policy, and be able to incorporate it into your discussions and writing.

Taught by

Anjala S. Krishen



Midterm Exam: 25% of total
Final Exam: 25% of total
Data Collection (Individual): 10% of total
Project (Parts detailed below) (Group)
: 20% of total
CB Research Presentation and handout (Group): 10% of total
Short Wrap Paper (Group): 10% of total
Guaranteed Grades: A- ( > 90%); B- ( > 80%); C- ( > 70%)

Research Materials
Library How-to
Consumer Behavior website
Theories Document
Sample interview framework
Final paper guideline

Lecture Room

BEH 122

Lecture Time

2:40 PM - 4:10 PM (M, T, W, Th, F)

Office Hours

Location: BEH 435 Time: 4:10 5:00 PM T/W/Th and by appt.

Textbook (Recommended)

CB7, 7th edition (Cengage Publishers, 2016), by Babin and Harris ISBN 1305597915 (no need for the access code)

(Tentative and subject to change)



Written Assignments, CB Research Presentations, Project Work, Short Wrap Paper


M 7/15

Introduction to Class Materials, Website, Project and start of Ch. 1 What is CB? (Lecture 1)

Syllabus and Class work; Think about groups

T 7/16

Finish Ch. 1 and start Ch. 2 Value and the CB Framework (Lecture 2)

Motivation Index Card

W 7/17

Finish Chapters 1 & 2

Groups Selected and Approved


Th 7/18

Start Ch. 3 Perception (Lecture 3)

Read Ch. 1-3

F 7/19

Finish Ch. 3; Discuss Project

Initial Ideas Template (due by 4:10pm via email to

M 7/22

Ch. 4 Comprehension, Memory, and Cognitive Learning (Lecture 4)

Topics finalized

T 7/23

Finish Ch. 4; Start Ch. 5 Motivation and Emotion (Lecture 5)

Read chapters 4-5; Group 1 CB Research Presentation Multicultural Marketing

W 7/24

Finish Ch. 5

Group 2 CB Research Presentation Guilt and Sugar Consumption

Th 7/25

Start Ch. 6 Personality, Lifestyles, Gender, and Self-Concept (Lecture 6)

Data Collections (Phase 1)

F 7/26

Finish Ch. 6; Start Ch. 7 Attitudes and Attitude Change (Lecture 7)

Group 3 CB Research Presentation Femvertising

M 7/29

Finish Lecture 6 midterm questions

Read chapters 6-7; Group 4 CB Research Presentation Same sex ads

T 7/30

Finish all previous material; Answer questions about the midterm

Group 5 CB Research Presentation Food as pleasure

W 7/31

MIDTERM EXAM (Lectures 1-6)

Th 8/1

Finish Lecture 7; Ch. 8 Group and Interpersonal Influence (Lecture 8)

Read Ch. 8


F 8/2

Finish Lecture 8; Start Ch. 9 Consumer Culture (Lecture 9)

Data Collections (Phase 2)

M 8/5

Finish Ch. 9 start Ch. 10 Microcultures (Lecture 10)

Read Ch. 9; Group 6 CB Research Presentation Mental Wellbeing

T 8/6

Finish Lectures 9 and 10; Start Ch. 11 Consumers in situations (Lecture 11)

Read Ch. 10; Group 7 CB Research Presentation Recycling


W 8/7

Cover Ch. 14 Consumption to Satisfaction (Lecture 12)

Read Ch. 11; Research Credit; Group 8 Research Presentation DIY and CB

Th 8/8

Finish all previous material; Answer questions about final

Read Ch. 14; Draft Paper; Group 9 Research Presentation Color in Ads

F 8/9

Project and Study work

Project work

M 8/12

Review class materials and finish lectures

Short wrap paper topic approval; Credit work

T 8/13

FINAL EXAM (Lectures 7-12)

W 8/14

DAY 1: Final Presentations

Th 8/15

DAY 2: Final Presentations; Final Paper (due at the beginning of class)

F 8/16

Review class materials and lectures

Short Wrap Paper (due by 4:10pm via email to