Manager, Production & Corporate Systems

March 2002 to July 2003

Enerwise purchased Datapult in January of 2002. This position was responsible for management of the external facing IT production and operational environments in Roanoke and Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. The team consisted of six employees, and the position includes project planning, data center architecture, vendor and consultant management, and technical support of key processes such as backup strategy, service level agreements, release process, disaster recovery/business continuity, and database administration.

Manager, Business Systems

February 2001 to March 2002

This position was responsible for management of the IT production and operational environment in Roanoke and establishment of the technical support center for user support. Roanoke hosted all production servers for Datapult. The team consisted of eight employees, and the position included project planning, support structuring and process design, budgetary responsibility for production and business systems, data center architecture, vendor and consultant management, and technical support of key processes such as overall backup strategy, Siebel administration, and database administration.

Installation Included

Director, Production Systems

January 2000 to February 2001

In this position, I managed the entire production environment of Installinc in three separate locations: Blacksburg, Greenwich, and Manhattan. This consisted of management of ten full-time employees, project planning, data center architecture, vendor management, establishment of all policies and procedures pertaining to the production environment, release process engineering, budgetary control of the environment, and establishment of the production systems manual.

American Electric Power, Communications, LLC

Senior Database Analyst

August 1998 to December 1999

Served as the Database Administrator of 9 Oracle 7.3.4 and 8i databases. Of these 9 databases, 5 were production level. In addition, I performed all production application upgrades, which required knowledge of Oracle Webserver. I wrote backup scripts using PL/SQL and also used Legato Networker in order to perform backups. I used Oracle Enterprise Manager in order to run scheduled backups and use the event management routines. More recently, I wrote a few Perl programs in order to put database information on the web in real-time. I also managed 2 temporary employees and served as the backup system and network administrator.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Univ.
Director of Information Systems, MPRG

June 1997 to August 1998

In this position, I managed the computing infrastructure in a large group called Mobile & Portable Radio Research Group. There were 24 Sun Workstations and around 15 NT workstations, all of which I administered. I also managed the Web server, all computer/peripheral purchasing, software planning and management, and all other aspects of information management within the group. Additionally, I initiated several information systems projects; I converted the existing contact database application from a mainframe Spires implementation to a Microsoft Access application.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Univ.
Manager & DBA

Aug. 1994 to May 1997

When I served in this position, Virginia Tech was in the process of moving to production on several major Oracle databases and applications. I served as a member of the DBMS/Server Team, which was responsible for administering the database machines. For approximately six months, I served as DBA on two IBM AIX machines and provided support for Oracle application developers. For the following year, I managed the training and support programs for internal training on all Oracle products, which included included Basic Oracle (CASE Design, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Database Object creation, and Oracle Data Browser), PL/SQL Programming, and so on. Finally, I served as a DBA and Banner Administrator.

Oracle Corporation

April 1993 to July 1994

As a consultant, I specialized in Oracle CASE technology projects, and Oracle Financials product customizations/modifications, which involved the complete suite of Oracle Tools. I provided project level consulting which included business process engineering, and software design. I also worked on the design and build phases of an order entry system for a company, using Oracle CASE Tools.

Lincoln Electric Company
Engineering Trainee

July 1992 to April 1993

Lincoln Electric has a nine month training program which consists of learning to weld and understanding the hardware and software sides of the welding industry. The training included working on UNIX Intergraph workstations, CAD and electrical component designs, and learning about the local area network at Lincoln.

Information Dimensions, Inc.
Technical Consultant
Jan. 1992 to July 1992

This job primarily involved technical presales consulting in all of IDI's softwares and platforms. BASISplus, which is IDI's main document management solution, is a complex relational database engine, which runs on many different operating systems, including various UNIX operating machines, DEC VMS, IBM VM/CMS, IBM MVS, and Macintosh/PC's. Since the software was normally run on a large wide area or local area network, proficiency in networking solutions was also required.

Oracle Corporation
Technical Sales Consultant

August 1990 to Jan. 1992

This job entailed an understanding of the Oracle Relational Database in addition to the software tools, utilities, and programming that are used to create a specific application for data integrity. Oracle runs on over 80 hardware platforms, and due to this hardware portability, many different operating systems, networking softwares, and graphical user interfaces had to be understood. A technical sales consultant's job was to answer technical questions, demonstrate database technology, prototype complete database scenarios, and solve live database problems in any stage of a database, from installation to runtime.